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Kirk & Jenn Walden at Desk

Flipping Faith Workshops and Retreats with Kirk & Jenn Walden

We love working as a team and inspiring others with our own experiences and stories. Flipping Faith Workshops are crafted based on our personal experiences and our work with thousands of people across the country just like you.    Through the heartache and triumphs of life we have enjoyed a lot of morning coffee dates and a lot of reflection.  Over and over again, we see God’s love and wisdom as we take those hard moments, uncomfortable seasons, change, loss, tension and flip them in faith. 

We would love to spend time with you crafting a personalized weekend retreat, church event, or ministry conference to help your community or ministry thrive in an upside down world.  Let us partner with you in inspiring a vision that will flip your ministry, families, church, and community.  

We craft workshops based on….

  1. Our own stories – we are known across the country for our vulnerability.  We are willing to share our own challenges and mistakes, providing hope and insight in the process. Participants can relate, knowing that we are cheering them on and walking beside them. 
  2. Practical applications – we are both communicators and teachers. We will challenge and inspire participants with steps they can immediately apply.
  3. We will equip you, your team, and community with inspiring and practical steps to flipping your life, ministry, or church.
  4. Simple Challenges for Change 
  5. Joy and Laughter – we believe in happy. We know that God designed us for joy and our mission is that everyone at your events leaves happy. 

Flipping Faith Workshops

Flipping Ministry Culture

The foundation of any effort begins with the core. If our staff and board relationships are  not nurtured then our ministry is fragile. How can you build a solid foundation in your ministry team? 

Flipping Outreach

How do we reach the broken and lost? 

Flipping Family

Our communities and churches begin with family. How do we strengthen our homes and flip our foundations for faith. Marriage, Parenting, Divorce, Blended Families…

Flipping Our Neighborhoods

“Love Your Neighbor” is something we take literally, but what does that look like in a fast paced, broken world. Why is it so important? Why is it so much easier than we think? We provide real world advice to the introverts, extroverts, apartment dwellers and suburbanites on how to live out the Greatest Command of Loving Our Neighbors. 

Flipping Heartache

We have experienced loss and heartache. From cancer to divorce to mental illness we have walked in brokenness in our own experiences and beside others. When we are hurt by others and the suffering of life, how do we find faith? How do we flip the heartache and grief and find faith?

Flipped for Life

We believe in the beauty of every person.  Flipped for Life is about inspiring communities to embrace and walk beside those with unplanned pregnancies.  It is so easy to love a child, but how do we genuinely love and have compassion for the men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy?  We believe the key to flipping our communities and culture for life starts with loving the men and women in crisis. How do we change the narrative in our communities and truly see the need of walking by those who are hurting? 

Flipping Leadership

Leading in ministry is a hard job. What are practical ways you can flip your leadership strategies to bring love and compassion to your team? 

Flipping Faith Mentorship Training

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