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Who Needs the Electoral College?

The other night before speaking at an event, an attendee pulled my sleeve to say, "We need to get rid of that electoral college. My vote doesn't count at all!"

She is a strong conservative in a decidedly red state; and a Donald Trump voter.

I understand the complaint; she never saw either candidate. But if I had a couple of minutes with her, I would have pointed out the problem with her proposed solution.

First, while no candidate visited her small town, ending the Electoral College would not have changed this. In fact, her problem gets worse if we do away with the College. With 39 counties in the U.S. carrying populations of 1 million or more, a smart candidate would focus his or her time in these areas.

Nine of these counties are in California. While California gets little attention because it is not a swing state, suddenly it could count on almost daily visits from those seeking the presidency. And New York? Six more. Meaning if one is looking for votes, it's not a bad idea to spend almost half of one's time in these two states, in just a few distinct areas.

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A Cautionary Tale

Tuesday was certainly a fascinating evening for pro-life advocates, and for those in pregnancy help ministries.

But, there are a couple of easy traps when a seemingly pro-life candidate takes the presidency. My column at Pregnancy Help News points these out:


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A Time for Optimism

With this election causing a lot of conservatives to shrug their shoulders and asking what in the world is going on, there is reason for optimism in the pregnancy help community; the conglomeration of pregnancy help centers, pregnancy help medical clinics, maternity homes and non-profit adoption agencies.

In my column at Pregnancy Help News, I point out a few thoughts about why this could be a time of hope for expanding the culture of life.


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Social Upheaval? Lessons from the Early Church

On Sunday, a gunman opened fire on police in Baton Rouge; as of this writing three brave officers are no longer with us.

This comes on the heels of five officers killed in Dallas.

Over the last year or so, social unrest often dominates the news of the day. With this backdrop, the GOP convention takes place in Cleveland. Americans will hold our collective breath, wondering what chaos may break out during the week.

As events unfold across our country, it was just days ago when we received horrific news out of Nice, France. Terror. Most recently, an axe attack in Germany. Terror, again.

What to make of all of this?

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Growing our Community with a Question

In my Friday post at Pregnancy Help News, the idea of "community" keeps coming to mind. For those involved in this vital ministry which can ultimately create a new culture of life in American and around the world, we know growth is vital. But how?

The answer--or perhaps part of it--involves one simple question: “What is it about our work that would motivate you to be a part of our community?”

You'll see the "why" of this question in the column. I invite you to slip over there and find out the reasons behind the question. It's a bit different from my regular columns, but hopefully worth your time.


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At a time when our social and political structure is aligned against the most innocent among us, The Wall outlines a plan to ending abortion as we know it.

PHCs are the ultimate answer to creating a new culture of life in America. Using the powerful story of Nehemiah, The Wall shows us why, and how this can take place—in the next 10 years.

Place this book in the hands of pro-life friends in your community and they will see a clear plan of action in which they can play key roles.

For anyone who is pro-life, The Wall is the answer to the question, “How can we actually win?” And for pregnancy help centers, this book is the next step in a new vison, new growth, and powerful impact in your community.

Catch the vision behind The Wall today; you’ll want to pass it on.

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