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A New Year's "Revolution"

My sister-in-law introduced our family to the humor of Gerry Brooks, a Kentucky principal who makes some of the most hilarious You Tube videos one can find.

Just after the holidays we watched Gerry talk about his "New Year's Revolution" to diet more effectively, where he takes several low-cal items and shows us how he can "add" a few things--of high caloric content--to make them tastier. 

The term "New Year's Revolution" caught my attention, not just because it was a great play on words, but because I--and maybe many of us--need a bit of a Revolution every once in a while. 

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Cracking the Code

As many readers know, I'm an avid football fan. I watched last week's National Championship game and its fantastic finish, not just because I love the game but because I have several friends who are Clemson fans (oh, and several who are Alabama fans, too). 

I also have an autographed football, signed by Clemson coach Dabo Swinney. With a bit of tongue-in-cheek rhetoric, my column at Pregnancy Help News tells readers I "cracked the code" for Clemson's win.

Yet there is another "code" which must be cracked and in my column I point out how .  . .


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It's Going to Take a lot of Hamiltons

The creator of the hit Broadway show Hamilton, creator Linn-Manuel Miranda, is using his show to raise money for Planned Parenthood. For a financial investment in the abortion super-giant, donors earn chances to win a trip and backstage passes to three performances of Hamilton across the country.

My column at Pregnancy Help News finds the humor in the contest, as well as what the contest reveals.


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Mission Accomplished

On Oct. 1, 2015 I set a goal to walk across the country; to start at my home in Nashville, TN and make it all the way to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA by Dec. 31, 2016.

Sure enough, at 4:08 Pacific Time on December 31, I stepped inside the gates of Disneyland, lifted my arms and claimed victory. On New Year’s Eve I finally relaxed, knowing my mission was accomplished.

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Who Needs the Electoral College?

The other night before speaking at an event, an attendee pulled my sleeve to say, "We need to get rid of that electoral college. My vote doesn't count at all!"

She is a strong conservative in a decidedly red state; and a Donald Trump voter.

I understand the complaint; she never saw either candidate. But if I had a couple of minutes with her, I would have pointed out the problem with her proposed solution.

First, while no candidate visited her small town, ending the Electoral College would not have changed this. In fact, her problem gets worse if we do away with the College. With 39 counties in the U.S. carrying populations of 1 million or more, a smart candidate would focus his or her time in these areas.

Nine of these counties are in California. While California gets little attention because it is not a swing state, suddenly it could count on almost daily visits from those seeking the presidency. And New York? Six more. Meaning if one is looking for votes, it's not a bad idea to spend almost half of one's time in these two states, in just a few distinct areas.

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At a time when our social and political structure is aligned against the most innocent among us, The Wall outlines a plan to ending abortion as we know it.

PHCs are the ultimate answer to creating a new culture of life in America. Using the powerful story of Nehemiah, The Wall shows us why, and how this can take place—in the next 10 years.

Place this book in the hands of pro-life friends in your community and they will see a clear plan of action in which they can play key roles.

For anyone who is pro-life, The Wall is the answer to the question, “How can we actually win?” And for pregnancy help centers, this book is the next step in a new vison, new growth, and powerful impact in your community.

Catch the vision behind The Wall today; you’ll want to pass it on.

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