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We are Kirk and Jenn Walden and we are Flipping Faith!

For us there is something so inspiring about watching home renovation shows. Seriously, we can’t get enough of them. We love seeing spaces, which seem in utter disrepair, usefully and beautifully transformed. We love being reminded of what really matters, and these shows continually point us to things like the value of hard work, home, friends, family, and a space to find rest.  

We are moved when we see others love their neighbors well. 

Neither of us are handy with tools, and we have certainly never flipped a house, but our lives are full of flips. For us life has been a constant journey of ups and downs. Flipping Faith was inspired as we recounted how God has repeatedly flipped our moments of heartache and struggle. 

All of this is the inspiration for Flipping Faith. Flipping Faith is about taking all the relationships, moments, and spaces of our lives and finding faith. 

 We believe that God loves taking on what feels lost and forgotten.  There isn’t a time when He leaves the room and says, “well that is an impossible flip”.  No matter how lost or forgotten we feel, we can find restoration. 

We believe that when we flip the moments of our lives faith can be found.  In the process we can live out a life of abundant love, joy, and peace; a life that doesn’t make sense.  Flipping our faith changes our marriages, families, churches, jobs, and communities. 

So join us, and lets find a faith that thrives in this upside down world.

                                                                                    Kirk & Jenn
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