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Welcome to The Faith Revolution

Thank you for joining my home on the web, where I’m inviting you to join what I call The Faith Revolution (TFR). And what is The Faith Revolution? That’s a good question, one I’ve wrestled with for years. 

TFR  is about rethinking and challenging our faith. I’m on this journey and am thrilled to have you along.

Several years ago I went full-force on this journey, trying to figure out why those first followers were so successful in spreading what they called “The Good News,” and why it seems to difficult–at least for me–today.

So, I began rethinking everything I’d learned. This wasn’t to criticize what I had been taught–not at all. But to ask, “What am I (and we as Christians today) missing?”

One idea hit me over and over: Simplicity.

Maybe I’d made my faith too complicated, too theological. I could discuss a lot of theological concepts, but was my faith really connecting with others? I wasn’t sure.

But I did know this much: The faith Jesus offered was simple. Not complicated. And it worked. It worked for rough fishermen like Peter, and for doctors like Luke. It worked for a woman at a well in Samaria, and it worked for an up and coming Jewish leader like Saul, who became Paul.

It worked for all who gave this Good News a chance, because the faith Jesus talked about was a faith anyone could grasp, apply — and even spread to others.

The Faith Revolution then, isn’t a place where we talk fancy theology. But it is a place where we’ll talk about what makes faith effective and life-changing, and we’ll talk about how we can connect our faith to anyone we encounter, at any time.

Interested? We’ll be rolling out more in the days and weeks to come. Feel free to subscribe and we’ll keep you updated. If you like what you see, join me. Exciting days are ahead.


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