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Kirk and Jenn Walden on church bench

For us there is something inspiring about watching home renovation shows. We can’t get enough of them. We love seeing spaces, which seem in utter disrepair, usefully and beautifully transformed. We love the “Oh my gosh” moments when the renovated and remodeled home is revealed, and when we see the amazing “before” and “after” shots of how a seemingly impossible project has become a haven of rest for a happy family. 

Neither of us are handy with tools, and we have certainly never flipped a house. But one day we asked ourselves, “Can faith be ‘flipped?'”

Can we take our faith and demolish the useless walls, uncover the gorgeous hardwood underneath that shag carper, and even renovate a few rooms which have lost their purpose, turning them into beautiful spaces where we sit back and say, “Uhhhh-mazing?”


Our journey

We are on a journey to revolutionize our faith; to truly flip it. We want a faith full of eager anticipation and joy; just like that happy couple (or single!) on those fixer upper shows. And when we connect with others, we want friends and neighbors to say, “Wow, gimme some of that!”

All of this is the inspiration for Flipping Faith

Yet, we still know this is a journey. We’re not “there” yet. We have those walls to sledgehammer, old shag carpet to rip out before we find the hardwood, and rooms to transform. But we know, flipping our faith can renew our marriages, restore relationships, rebuild families, revive our churches, and so much more.


Join us in a new place

You will always find us here, of course. But in the near future, we’re launching on a new platform where you can find our fresh content, connect with us easily . . . and build a community.

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So join us, and let’s find a faith that thrives in this upside down world.

                                                                                    Kirk & Jenn