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Welcome to The Faith Revolution

Thank you for joining my home on the web, where I’m inviting you to join what I call The Faith Revolution (TFR). And what is The Faith Revolution? Ahhh, great question! So glad you asked.

TFR  thrives on just a few key concepts:

Anyone Anytime–No matter our background,  our circumstances, or our past life decisions, any one of us has an opportunity to seize faith right now. Any. One. Of. Us. Jesus invited a rough fisherman like Peter, a loathed tax man like Matthew, and a woman at a well with relationship issues to “Follow Me.”

There’s a ton more to say on this, but if anything, let’s grasp that faith is for anyone, and that any of us can influence the faith of others. 

Faith Is Simple–You won’t find fancy theology here. If we want a Faith Revolution, we leave that stuff at the door.

At TFR, we don’t do complicated. So, if you’re looking for the “deep” stuff or denominational debates, it ain’t happening on this site. You won’t need advanced degrees to figure out what we’re saying.

Why? Because Jesus reached everybody: the average, the highly educated–whomever. We can do the same today, if we keep it simple.

Focusing on the Two–When asked about the greatest commandments, Jesus focused on two. He pointed out that if we love God with all we’ve got, and love others, we’re good. At TFR, this is huge.

When we focus on the two, we can have tremendous influence on those around us. You’ll see this theme all over this site.

We Believe–Behind TFR is a firm belief that there is no limit to what we can accomplish in our culture . . . if we keep faith simple, focus on the big stuff and live by the idea that anyone has the opportunity to take a step of faith at anytime. 

Interested? We’ll be rolling out more in the days and weeks to come. Feel free to subscribe and we’ll keep you updated. If you like what you see, join me. Exciting days are ahead.


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