Kirk Walden

I was born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and when I was four, my father accepted a professorship at Auburn University, moving our fam across the country to Alabama.  Despite my west coast heritage, very little of the big city culture stuck with me. I became a southern boy, accent and all.

My love of sports comes honestly. From age seven until my mid-twenties, I attended most every football and basketball game in my college hometown.  It’s not overstating things to say that–at least as a kid–I lived sports. 

The Sport That Snagged Me

From the moment I picked up a golf club when I was 9, I dreamed of playing professional golf. Not surprisingly then, every day was spent on and around the golf course. It was my home, I just didn’t sleep there. I went on to play golf for Auburn University,  earning a degree in journalism along the way.  

After a brief stint in professional golf, a job in sales, and a go at public policy, I began working as an executive director for a Christian non-profit ministry. 

My life has had many twists and turns, but for every failure and heartache, there was strength to move forward. 

Present Tense

Today I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, and try to live a transparent life with friends and neighbors–one marked by faith and hope.

I’m  husband to one wonderful Jennifer, a dad of five,  grandfather to Henry,  and “human” to a dachshund named Aubie (in honor of my beloved Auburn Tigers).

In a journey that still astounds me,  I now  work for ministries here and around the world. Much of my time is spent speaking, writing, and consulting on their behalf.


Jenn Walden

I was born and raised in the outskirts of Nashville, TN, and blessed to grow up with a big extended family surrounded by faith, love, and music. 

I earned degrees in History, Psychology, and Education, continuing to serve in various fields of education for more than twenty years.

A number of times I have stepped away from the title teacher, but my heart has always been drawn back to this role. Currently, I work part-time as administrator of an Elementary Enrichment program; my heart is so full each day I spend with these precious kiddos and my amazing teaching team. I also work part-time teaching three high school courses. God has a funny way of connecting us back to our deepest loves. Working with children of all ages, despite my efforts to step away, is a calling that continues to emerge in my life.


I poured myself into teaching and church ministry, and both brought a great deal of fulfillment, but meeting Kirk–when I was 33–was an important turning point in my journey.  

As an ovarian cancer survivor, I did not think it was in the cards to have children. Yet, marrying a single dad immediately blessed me with three children, then Kirk and I were surprised by two miracle babies. 

Today, I enjoy homeschooling our two youngest, supporting Kirk as he speaks and writes for non-profit ministries, and cheering on our adult children as they pursue their own passions and adventures. I love being Gigi to my beautiful grandbabies. I still get overwhelmed, to the point of tears, when I think about how God has entrusted me with such a beautiful family to treasure and love.

Beyond spending time with my family and precious friends, I love the outdoors and find relaxation in gardening, walking, and reading a good book on the back porch. 


  • A book that changed my life was Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley. 
  • My favorite daily activity is  morning coffee with Kirk.
  • I hold a lifelong dream to travel to all fifty states; 45 under the belt and 5 to go.  I love any travel adventure, but will always be a Southern girl at heart. 
  • In the spirit of Outliers, I have spent more than 10,000 hours working with children as well as speaking. Most of  my experience speaking has been in small group settings of 5 to 25, but I have also spoken to audiences of over 5,000. Put me in front of an audience and I’m great, but one on one conversing with a stranger and this girl is a mess. Go figure!
Jenn Walden