About Me –

If you want to know about me, here’s the quick bio. I was born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and when I was four, my father accepted a professorship at Auburn University, moving our fam across the country to Alabama.  Despite my west coast heritage, very little of the big city culture stuck with me. I became a southern boy, accent and all.

My love of sports comes honestly. From age seven until my mid-twenties, I attended most every football and basketball game in my college hometown.  It’s not overstating things to say that–at least as a kid–I lived sports. 


The Sport That Snagged Me

From the moment I picked up a golf club when I was 9, I dreamed of playing professional golf. Not surprisingly then, every day was spent on and around the golf course. It was my home, I just didn’t sleep there. I went on to play golf for Auburn University,  earning a degree in journalism along the way.  

After a brief stint in professional golf, a job in sales, and a go at public policy, I began working as an executive director for a Christian non-profit ministry. 

My life has had many twists and turns, but for every failure and heartache, there was strength to move forward. (If you want to know about my unlikely–well, very unlikely–journey to becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, click the posts below).


Present Tense

Today I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, and try to live a transparent life with friends and neighbors–one marked by faith and hope.

I’m  husband to one wonderful Jennifer, a dad of five,  grandfather to Henry,  and “human” to a dachshund named Aubie (in honor of my beloved Auburn Tigers).

In a journey that still astounds me,  I now  work for ministries here and around the world. Much of my time is spent speaking, writing, and consulting on their behalf.

That’s a bit about me. But I also want to know about you, because I’m glad you’re here. Comment, or email me at kirk@1stfaith.com. I enjoy connection, so have at it.

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