Saving Samaria

Saving Samaria Book Cover

Join Kirk in his new book, Saving Samaria (coming Summer 2022), as he uncovers surprising truths on how we can heal the seemingly impossible culture divide over protecting the unborn– and launch a spiritual awakening in the process.

Saving Samaria explores the unorthodox approach Jesus used to flip the narrative on one of the most divisive issues of his day–and how we can do the same.


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“Throughout his ministry, Jesus saw a festering social issue. But instead of attacking this issue as if he had something to defend, he saw an opportunity to approach this issue in a novel way which would build his influence, expand his outreach and grow his church…  If we can learn the lessons of Samaria, we can apply these to any social issue we face today, including life.” 
                                     Excerpt, Saving Samaria


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