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“Immanuel” is a word we hear a lot at Christmas, so let’s give it a different look. Kirk and Jenn discuss the simplicity of the name Immanuel–even pulling in a Steve Martin movie reference–to help us see what the angel might have meant when he gave Joseph a heads-up on who he would be fathering.

To Consider

  1. If Immanuel means, “God is with us,” how should that influence our perspective in challenging circumstances?
  2. What are Biblical examples of Jesus embodying the  idea of Immanuel, in the lives of every day people?
  3. How has the idea that God is  both with and for you, encouraged or challenged you?  

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Kirk Walden Author and Speaker
Kirk Walden is a Christian speaker and author.  He works with ministries across the world as a consultant and advancement specialist.

The Faith Revolution Podcast was born out of a desire to see faith become more accessible and culture changing -anyone at anytime can have faith. 

Accessibility is found in peeling off layers of religious complexity and embracing the deep roots of simplicity found in Jesus. 

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Kirk’s wife, Jenn Walden, is a frequent co-host of The Faith Revolution Podcast. She can be found at her home on the web, Jenn’s Closet; a community where women are uniting as influencers of fashionable faith.

Jenn Walden, Christian Blogger and Speaker