• Love Your Neighbor, Faith Revolution Podcast

    Love Your Neighbor

    In this episode, “Love Your Neighbor”, Kirk and Jenn discuss how a more literal interpretation of Jesus’ words sparked new opportunities and lessons in loving the people most directly in their paths.  To Consider Reflecting on your own neighborhood, how do you see God’s hand in your story? What are specific simple steps you can take to better love your neighbors? References (Click Link) The Greatest Commands – Matthew 22:36 – 40 Good Samaritan  Episode Transcript Literally Love Your Neighbor Kirk: This is Kirk.  Jenn: And this is Jenn.  Kirk: And welcome to The Faith Revolution Podcast today. It’s going to be an interesting day, because we’re going to be…

  • It's Okay When You're Not Okay, Faith Revolution Podcast

    It’s Okay When You’re Not Okay

    In this episode of The Faith Revolution Podcast, It’s Okay When You’re Not Okay, Kirk and Jenn discuss the importance of transparency in our faith and relationships.   References (Click Link) K-Love Fan Awards Darren Mulligan Heartbeat International Stephen’s Death It’s Okay When You’re Not Okay An Inspiring Song… Kirk: This is Kirk. Jenn: And this is Jenn  Kirk: And it’s great to have you on the Faith Revolution Podcast today. We’re going to betalking about a subject that’s not easy for me, because it’s about transparency, and about being real,and how that can make our faith a little more attractive to those around us if we’re willing to betransparent.…

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