• About Kirk Walden's Faith Story

    Kirk’s Journey Part 1- The Wrong Guy to talk about Faith

    The right person to create a web site called “1st Faith” probably first read the Bible as a toddler. Memorized the Book of John as a kindergarten project. Graduated seminary while being home-schooled. Pastors a mega-church and has an Instagram following of 7.9 gagillion. Me? I never opened a Bible till I was 17. Favorite class in kindergarten? “Nap.” Day-dreamed through high school. Never been inside a seminary. Yet, here we are. Go figure. So, why did a guy like me launch a site like this? You need to know, because at 1st Faith, we believe anyone (and we mean, anyone) can have faith. Honestly, I’m “Exhibit A” if we’re…

  • The Four Cores of 1st Faith

    Want to know what inspires the team at 1st Faith? Kirk breaks it down in this short video series, laying out a few of the core concepts which launched 1st Faith. Got five minutes? You can watch ’em all.  If these ideas resonate with you, we’d love to have you join us. PART 1: KEEPING FAITH SIMPLE https://kirkwalden.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Simple_Faith_-_Kirk_Walden_360p.mp4 PART 2: ANYONE ANYTIME https://kirkwalden.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/anyone-anytime-480p.mov  PART 3: OUR STORIES BUILD FAITH https://kirkwalden.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Stories_Spread_Faith_-_Kirk_Walden_360p.mp4 Connect With Us: Got a story to share? Tell us here. Subscribe here. Connect with us on Facebook . . . . . . and Instagram . . . oh, and Twitter, too.

  • Kirk Walden Rethinking Evangelism in No Consuming Fire Today!

    Whoa, There. No Consuming Fire Today!

    Reading through Luke’s narrative the other day, I stopped at one verse and started to chuckle. Then, I was laughing. I’m not sure of the Bible’s funniest verse, but Luke 9:54 is on my Top 10 List. Let’s set the stage. Earlier in the chapter, Jesus sends the 12 disciples out to preach the good news. Going through villages, they shared what they knew; things like “The kingdom of God is near”—and healed a lot of people along the way. These men were now performing the very miracles they saw from Jesus. I’m sure they sensed they were on a roll. Just after this, we see the 5,000 fed. Then…