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    Showing Up

    Recently, I became a grandfather. So far, I’m good at this gig. I haven’t dropped my grandson, a win for little Henry. And, I haven’t yet changed a diaper, a win for me.   Showing up for the birth of this little guy proved a lesson for us all. Our daughter Laura was induced early, because of issues too complicated for me to understand or explain. Henry would be fine, we were told. This was just a precaution. The good news? We had a set date for baby. This was going to be simple. As we prepared, Jenn and I gave our two youngest boys (ages 11 & 9) an option.…

  • About Kirk Walden's Journey of Faith Part 3

    Kirk’s Journey Part 3 – Sand, Sun . . . And Salvation?

    The Third of a Three-Part Series. You can just read away, or take a look at Part I . . . and Part II. Of All Days for a Downpour Waking up on a Saturday morning, the rain pounded the ground outside of our retreat center. It was pouring. On a normal day, this was not a biggie. But it certainly mattered on this day, May 17, 1980. Because, I was in Panama City Beach. As in Florida. The Gulf of Mexico. The rain was drowning any hopes of splashing in the Gulf. We arrived the night before, too late for beach time. We would leave Sunday afternoon. Time was…

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  • About Kirk Walden Faith Journey

    Kirk’s Journey Part 2 – Placing a Bet with God

    Part 2 of a 3-Part Series (Read Part I Here) As 1st Faith grows, it’s important that as we ask for your stories, you know ours. Mine? In short, I’m probably the wrong guy to launch this site. Want proof? As you can read in Part I of this 3-part series, when I was 15 I even told God—out loud, no less—“I don’t want You in my life.” No, not the guy to be talking about faith. But two years after deciding to dump any thought of God, I lost a bet with God. It was a game-changer. You read that right. I made a bet with . . .…

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    Kirk’s Journey Part 1- The Wrong Guy to talk about Faith

    The right person to create a web site called “1st Faith” probably first read the Bible as a toddler. Memorized the Book of John as a kindergarten project. Graduated seminary while being home-schooled. Pastors a mega-church and has an Instagram following of 7.9 gagillion. Me? I never opened a Bible till I was 17. Favorite class in kindergarten? “Nap.” Day-dreamed through high school. Never been inside a seminary. Yet, here we are. Go figure. So, why did a guy like me launch a site like this? You need to know, because at 1st Faith, we believe anyone (and we mean, anyone) can have faith. Honestly, I’m “Exhibit A” if we’re…

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